About Us

In the last fifteen years, Internet has been gone through major changes especially in the way how  websites  are designed, and secured. Over Ten years ago most websites were designed using html code, they have little graphics with little or no interaction at all. They were very secure because it was difficult for hackers to crack a static website .

Now a days, by the use of WordPress and other platforms any one  can create a professional website in a short time using ready made themes and plugins, and some customization. However, due to website dynamics and interactions, websites become more exposed to attackers and hackers.

In this website, we will share with you some WordPress tips and valuable information that will help you secure your website and reduce the risk of such attacks. 

The information and the tools presented here are very simple to apply.  With some knowledge of WordPress and cPanel, You can easily improve the security of your website. However if you get stuck or need any personal assistance , We are available  for help. Check  Our Services

If you have any questions,  please  contact us.

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