Best WordPress Malware scanners

If you suspect that your WordPress website has malware, there are several online tools and plugins  to help identify the malware or any other security risk. The purpose of a Malware scanner is to scan the website for security risks including checking suspicious links, malicious codes, and redirects, etc.

Some scanners are very powerful to scan advanced malicious codes but free Malware scanners come with limitations and they cannot run all tests  or limit the tests to certain number of files.  Let’s have a look at the best WordPress  Malware scanners that you can use to check whether your website is being attacked or not?

1- Sucuri SiteCheck

Sucuri is known as one of the best WP security plugins but they do offer a free online Malware scanner checker. This remote scanner does have some limitations,  but still gives enough result about malicious codes and activities on your website. SiteCheck by SUCURI  can help you to quickly find out if your website is blacklisted, infected with known malware, or using outdated Software 


2- PC Risk Malware Scanner:

PC -Risk  scanner is another  good malware scanner that can be used to check any website for malware and gives you a detailed report about its findings. This free scanner is good in providing extra information about malicious activities on the WordPress site. It gives you information about hidden iframes, infected files, malicious codes and vulnerability exploits, etc.

pc-risk malware scanner

Malcare is a wordpress famous WordPress security plugin that offers free Malware scanning with the most advanced results. Malcare scanner performs a deep scan against more than 100 signals to ensure that not a signal malicious code is missed.  

Malcare syncs every single part of the WordPress website and tracks every little change to zero down on the precise location of Malware. It also checks whether the website is safe for Google browsing or not. It also scans other malware blacklists to make sure that the website does not contain any virus and safe for the visitors to visit. The free version of  Malcare plugin provides  you with scan results and shows you if your site is infected or not.  The paid version can  remove malware and clean your website.

malcare malware scanner

4- SiteGuarding free scanner

SiteGuarding offer’s one of the advanced free Malware Scanning tools for WordPress websites. It checks Malware activities on the website from very basic to advance and sends a full report on your email ID. Its free scanning tools also include options like Spam SEO checking, Blacklist checking, external link scanning, and Antivirus scanning, etc.

SiteGuarding scans dozens of different signals which include PHP mailers scan, .htaccess checking, hidden iframes, and website defacements, etc. It also works on phishing page selection and social engineering attacks to ensure that not a single virus is missed.

SiteGuarding free Scanner

5- Other Website Scanning Services.

There are more website scanners and tools that can be used to scan any website for malicious code, hidden iframes, vulnerability exploits, infected files and other suspicious activities.

Here is a list of some other  free tools you can use to check your website for malware, hacking and phishing.







I hope that above tools will help you to scan your website when you find any unauthorized activity on your website (even the minor one). Once you find out the Malware in your WP site, your next step should be to install the best WP security plugins to remove Malware from the website before it further damages your website database.

Even the best WordPress Malware scanners can only check the malicious activities on your website. You still need to use WP security solutions to ensure that these Malwares do not breach the security of your website. Hackers can get unauthorized access to your website and its data if you do not install a WP security plugin.


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