Blank Post Edit Page

Edit Post Bank Problem

Many WordPress admins face a problem with post editing that make them frustrated.

When they come to edit a page or a post they only see a blank page or missing visiual editor

This can happen If wodpress Site was auto updated, a sript is corubted, a theme or plugin is updated, or for any other not known reason.

If you are one of those post edit is blank, visual editor not working – don’t have any buttons in the HTML pane at all.


Here are some Possible solutions that has been tried by others and solved the problem

1- Clear browser cache
2- Try a different browser

3- Install “Use Google Libraries” plugin
4- Add this line of code to wp-config.php

define( ‘CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS’, false );

5- Check if the file  (wp-tinymce.js.gz) exists in

if not upload it using WordPress install files

6- deactive all plugins, then active them one by one ( time cosuming if you have many plugins)

7- Download a refresh version of WordPress from and via ftp replace /wp-includes folder

8- Go to General Settings. Check If there was a colon after the URL in the WordPress Address field and/or the Site Address field. Remove it.

9- Change Word Press theme

10 – If nothing works, then revert your word press to an older version.

11- Worest case: backup you databas abd reinstall wordpress.

Hope this helps


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