Cyan WordPress backup Plugin

Cyan WordPress backup Plugin is one of the easiest and simplest plug ins to use is to back up your WordPress. With one click you can automatically backup Your entire WordPress site and its database into a zip file. The backup file will be  saved by default  in /temp directory of your website site. you can also save the backup to a remote storage by  providing correct ftp details. Backups can be scheduled on hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis.


CYAN WordPress backup Plugin

Once a backup is complete. it saved in your web server. You can download the backup files from the links in Backup page. You can delete old backup files by checking one or more boxes in the backup list and then clicking the Delete button.

The backup file of DB is included in the zip file as {the directory name of WordPress}.yyyymmdd.hhmmss.sql.

Cyan WordPress backup Plugin Features:
  • Very easy to setup and use
  • Manual backup
  • Scheduled backups by hour , day, week, or Month
  • Local storage
  • Remote Storage
  • Backup pruning
  • Option to delete local copy during scheduled backup
  • Option to delete local copy during manual backup
  • email log file to an email you specify
  • enable/disable database backup
  • Split DB backup file
  • Option to exclude directories
  • Supports many archive methods including zip, tar .tar,giz, and more

Schedule options include:

  • Hourly (Backup your site every X hours, an hourly backup with an interval of 12 would run a backup twice a day).
  • Daily (Backup your site every X days at a specific time.
  • Weekly (Backup your site every X weeks at a specific day and time, for example every second Tuesday at 4am).
  • Monthly (Backup your site every X months on a specific day and time, for example the 1st day of the month at 4am).

You can also enable auto pruning of old backups by setting the number of backup files you want to keep.

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