What are common WordPress security issues?

The most common WordPress security issues include unauthorized logins , malware issues, sql injection and DoS. Currently, WordPress is one of the most popular CMS but unfortunately, it is not as secure as its popularity. It comes up with basic security a feature, that’s why 80% of hacked CMS were powered by WordPress. According to the latest survey, about 90,000 WordPress websites have been attacked by hackers and viruses per minute.

Just because WordPress by default is not strong, does not mean that you should move to another CMS. Other CMS is not less when it comes to security. So, moving to other places, we must find out how to improve WordPress security. For this purpose, you must know about the common WordPress security issues first.

In this article, I am sharing some of the most common security issues which you can face when using WordPress. Don’t worry; I will also share how to improve the WordPress security issue along.

WordPress SQL Injection

If you look for what are common WordPress security issues then this is one of the oldest hacks which hackers use to get access to the MySQL database. Gaining access to MySQL means, the hacker can easily access the WordPress admin panel and change its credentials in no time. Generally, amateur hackers use this trick to test their hacking capabilities.

To solve this problem, you may use WPscan or Sucuri SiteCheck plugin. There are other security plugins also available to get rid of SQL injection attacks.

Unauthorized WordPress Logins:

This is another common ways which you mostly see when you look for what are common WordPress security issues on search engine.This hacking attack is also known as brute force attack. In this process, the hackers use the bot to quickly run through billions of usernames and passwords combination to get access to the WordPress admin panel. This is one of the timely processes for the hacker to get admin access and difficult to execute. WordPress does not block a user for multiple failed login attempts.

To prevent unauthorized login attempts or Brute Force attacks you need to create a very strong password. You can also use the Two Factor Authentication plugin.

WordPress Malware security

With the help of malicious code, the hacker tries to get access to the WordPress admin panel. This has been usually done through an infected WordPress theme or outdated plugin or a script etc. The Malware attack can cause serious damage if not been treated on time. You may even require to re=install WordPress.

To prevent Malware, you need to download themes only from trusted resources and ensure that your plugins are up to date. WP security plugins like WordFence and Succuri run full scans to fix the malware.

WordPress DDoS or DoS attack

DoS (Distributed Denial of Service)  or DDoS is the enhanced version of popular DoS attack. In this WordPress security issue, the hackers make a large number of requests to the webserver. This makes the WordPress site slow, hence result in ultimately crashes. This attack has been executed via multiple servers around the world.

You can prevent DDoS attacks easily with the help of Cloudways managed cloud hosting provider who flags anything suspicious before its damages your website. Global Edge Security can also be used to prevent DoS attacks.

The other common WordPress security issues are website phishing, supply chain attacks, hotlinking, cross-site scripting, and old WordPress and PHP versions. Even an outdated WordPress theme and plugin can also cause security issues.

So, these are mine common issues which I share when someone asked for what are common WordPress security issues. To get rid of all of them, you have to ensure that you are using the best and right plugin to keep your WP sites secure from hackers. At my another article what are the best WordPress security plugins? I have covered the list of best WP security plugins.

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