WordPress Darwin Backup plugin

WordPress Darwin Backup plugin is one of the easiest to setup WordPress backup plugins.

Plugin Author Description

The ultimate backup, restoration and cloning tool for non-techies. It makes complete backup for all you website, including all files, folders and databases and stores the backup in your server.  Once backup is finished you will receive an email with  a link for the backup  location. You can use that link with any browser to restore your website at any time with only one click.

This is a very handy and simple  plugin for WordPress backup. it is easy to use and setup.


  • No technical knowledge required.
  • Backup sites of any size
  • Scheduled backups support
  • Backup both files and database
  • Restore directly to to the server, or over FTP
  • Intercepts upgrade and makes backup before upgrade (optionally)

WordPress Darwin Backup plugin

Darwin Backup


  1. From your WordPress dashboard
  2. Go to  Plugins > Add New
  3. Type Darwin backup in the search box, then click on search button
  4. Find Darwin Backup plugin.
  5. Click on Install Now,and activate the plugin.


From WordPress dashboard  go to Darwin Backup > Add New and create your first backup. (You can always delete it later). Once backup is over it will appear under All  backups and Provides you with have  Options to download , email the link , restore or delete the backup.

You can schedule automatic backups  by hour, by day,by week, or by month.

Darwin Backup For WordPress


There are many backup and restore plugins but restoring  has never been this simple, easy, or reliable until now. Darwin Backup is designed to make the restore process in only  two clicks and, in most cases, you don’t need even know what your FTP, mysql credentials or directory location. Just point your browser to the link Darwin Backup provides you with, authorize yourself using your WordPress administrator credentials and click ‘Login’ and click ‘Restore’.

With All These features, WordPress Darwin Backup plugin is TOTALLY FREE  – You Don’t have to pay anything to anyone (So far).  

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