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 Save Time and Frustration.

Get maximum protection for your site from hackers, malware and spammers. Enhance and improve your WordPress security. 

Our services include the following:

1- Improve WordPress Security

1-  Check and  scan you website

2- Improve security

3- Schedule automatic daily/weekly backups

4- Email you a backup of your database by email.

5- Send you a report before and after improvement.

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2- Fix and Clean Hacked Websites

If your website is hacked. our professional team can clean any hacked website. All you have to do is use this form, we will do the rest. 

When your site is hacked,  or starts to spread malware, you have to act very quickly to fix it.  If you don’t , Soon it will discovered by search engines and it will be flagged and  blacklisted.  

When a website is blacklisted, visitors are discouraged from visiting  the site which means loosing  traffic and business.

Hacking may result  When your website’s sensitive data is compromised or stolen, it can cause to lose your customers, as well as their trust and respect. It can drastically result in financial loss and your website downtime as well.

3- Remove Blacklisting

If your site is blacklisted by MacAfee, Norton, google, or any other. No Worry, we can remove the blacklisting as soon as possible. Use  the form below to order our services

Use this form to  order our services


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