How to Speed up WordPress Site Load Time

The loading speed and performance of your website are more important these days than ever. A study shows that average human attention span has dropped to less than 10 seconds when visiting a website. This means that you have a very short time to show your visitors your first page of your website and convince them to stay on it. If you lose a visitor or  a customer, he/she may not come back again,  that leads to loss of traffic, trust and money.

The speed of the site is also one of the most important SEO factors. Google is very clear about it. If your website has quality content but not well in the speed, your website may go down in ranking on the search result. 

In this post I will show you some  10 ways tips on how to speed up WordPress site load time.

But, before doing that let me briefly answer some of the most questions about this subject.

Why is my website so slow?

There are many factors affecting slow websites. One of the main causes of slow website is  the web host. If your site is hosted on a free or unreliable web hosting,  then expect your site to load slow. Therefore,  If you have a business site,  blog with lots of visitors, or an eCommerce website, you should host your website with a reliable and fast web server such as A2hostingSiteGround, or GreenGeeks 

What is a good average load time for a website?

The ideal website load time is less than 3 seconds. Therefore, you need to optimize your website load time to be within this range. Google recommends page load time to be under two seconds.  

How to tell if your website is too slow?

You cant test the speed of your web site using any of the following websites:

1-  Google page speed Insight :-  This Google tool allows you to quickly test the speed of a your website page, and gives you a report of what’s slowing that page together with recommendations on how to fix it.  

This is the result of the our website.

1- :-  A free tool that allows you to analyze the performance of your web page with a single click. It shows you fast your website load,  and provide you with a list of actionable recommendations to improve it.  

This is the result of our website after applying several optimization methods

3-  Webpagetest  is a web performance tool that uses real browsers to test web pages and displays web page  metrics. The result shows how long it takes for the most important content to render.

Go ahead and try your website in all of the above websites and see the results before you read the next section.

Now Back to the

How to Speed up WordPress Site Load Time

Now that you know how fast or slow is your website, let us talk about how to optimize it to improve its loading speed.

Speeding up your website is not a simple or a straight forward process.  It involves  a lot of actions and  requires many steps that takes time and a lot of testing before reaching to the optimum performance.  Here are 10 steps that you can perform to improve the speed of your WordPress.

1- Optimize WordPress Database – This can be done using a plugin such as WP Optimize

2- Use the Latest PHP Version.  Very simple to do using CPanel or by contacting your web hosting support.

3- Optimize images with a plugin such as lazy load

4- Limit or disable post revisions.  Use screen options at the top right corner of the edit post screen, to enable and disable revisions.

5- Reduce the number of plugins in your site to the minimum, and delete all themes that your are not using.

6- Limit the use of external scripts such as advertisements, font loaders,  and affiliate links that include external images.

7- Use a CDN Network such as Cloudflare.  Cloudflare is available free with most cPanel’s 

8- Use Gzip Compression.

9- Change your theme (If possible) – Some themes are faster than others. you need to experiment with few themes before you decide on the right one for your web site. For this site we are using GeneratePress theme which is fairly fast.

10  – Use a reliable and fast web hosting. Your web hosting provider plays an important role in website performance. A good shared hosting provider like a2hosting or GreenGeeks or SiteGround offer optimized word press  hosting at not extra cost. We have tested  a2hosting  and InterServer. Both are reliable but we found that websites hosted at  a2hosting is faster than those hosted with InterServer.

All of the above and more can be accomplished by using a service such  WP Speed Fix, which can take your  frustrating slow website intro less than 2 seconds load time. Their service does not just speed up your website loading time but also find and fix the root cause of this problem. learn More about WpSpeedFix


Optimizing your WordPress site is one of the most important tasks you need to perform once in a while. You can either learn how to optimize  it by yourself  using  the above steps, or by hiring a professional to do it, or use one of the online optimization services such as WP Speed Fix

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