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 Keep Hackers, Spammers and Malware Away From Your  Website

Learn how to maximize the security of your WordPress website

 How secure is your WordPress Site?

Cyber-attacks are among the fastest growing crimes in the world, and nothing is stopping the increase in rate or sophistication of such crimes. Many very well-known companies such as eBay, Yahoo, Sony, Target, Adobe, and others were headline news after their customer information was hacked and stolen.

On average, 30,000 new websites are hacked each day. WordPress websites can be an easy target for
attacks because of plugin vulnerabilities, weak passwords and obsolete software.

Every day there is a story about the latest hacked websites. Most website owners think it will ever happen to them — until it does. 

Hackers don’t discriminate between a small website or a large one, or a personal blog or an ecommerce business website. They often use automated programs and tools that crawl the internet and search for security holes and vulnerable sites. Once they find a way to enter a website, they can create all sorts of damage to them and may use them to spread malware to other sites as well.

if your website or blog is hacked, it is not fun at all. it can be used to attack other sites, viruses can be installed on your visitor’s computers, redirects to other websites and it can become a nightmare for you  to clean your website.

What Hackers can do to a website


Hackers can 

• Steal passwords, email addresses and credit card numbers.
• Collect email addresses
• Install viruses and malicious software
• Create links back to their website
• Distribute malware to your users and other websites
• Upload unwanted content on your website
• Hijack your website’s traffic
• Delete website contents
• Lock you out by changing your password
• Shut down your website

If you have a blog or you are running a small or large business on the internet, then securing your website should be your very first priority!  

It is better safe than sorry. If your website is not completeley secured, take the time and do it now.   

by following a few simple WordPress security best practices, you can greatly protect your website form 

 Now you can maximize the security of your website by implemting the strategies explained in our free WordPreess Security course, Or you can save time by using our services.

Do It your Self 

Take a free WordPress Security Course 


Free WP Security Course

Teaches you :
*  Why WP Security is important
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* WorPress backup options
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Our Services 

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