WP All Backup WordPress plugin

WP All Backup WordPress plugin helps you to create Backup and Restore Backup easily on single click.Manual or Automated Backups And also store backup on safe place- dropbox, and FTP.

Creates a Backup of your entire website: that’s your Database, current WP Core, all your Themes, Plugins and Uploads.


WP All Backup WordPress


  • Create Database Backup easily on single click.
  • Autobackup Backup automatically on a repeating schedule
  • Backup Listing : Pagination.
  • Manual backup
  • Multisite compatible
  • Backup entire site
  • Exclude specific folders and files
  • Downloadable log files
  • Simple one-click restore
  • Set number of backups to store
  • Automatically remove oldest backup
  • FTP integration
  • Dropbox integration
  • Email Notification
  • ZipArchive
  • Backup zip labeled with the site name(Help when backing up multiple sites).
  • Select Backup Type: Only Database,Only Files, Complete Backup
  • Inline Help
  • Search backup from list(Date/Size)
  • Sort backup list (Date/Size)
  • Easy To Install(Very easy to use)
  • Simple to configure(very less configuration).
  • System Check (i.e backup folder permission, execution time etc)

WP All Backup WordPress plugin Pro Features

  • Support
  • Updates
  • PclZip
  • Amazon S3 integration
  • Google Drive integration
  • Clone Site
  • Move Site
  • Change Backup folder name
  • Uses zip and mysqldump for faster back ups if they are available.
  • Exclude Tables from your back ups.
  • And More….

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More Backup options

WordPress Backup Guard Review

WordPress Backup Guard

WordPress Backup Guard offer an easy way to backup and restore your WordPress blog or website. It allows you to  backup WordPress  files, database or both. The Free Version is has limited features. it only saves the backup on your server.


  • Backup files, database or both – you can create backups of your database or your files, or both
  • Unlimited restore – restore any backup file whenever needed
  • Download backup – download your backup files for migration
  • Import backup – upload your backup file to restore it right away
  • Backup cancellation – cancel the backup process while it is not finished yet
  • Manage backup – delete backups, view backup or restore log
  • Backup customization – you choose which folders you want to backup
  • Live backup or restore progress – precise progress of the current backup and

WordPress Backup Guard PRO version

Prices start from  $19.95  –  One time payment and you get he following features

WordPress Backup Guard

  • Upload backup to FTP – upload your backup file directly to FTP
  • Upload backup to Dropbox – upload your backup file directly to Dropbox
  • Upload backup to Google Drive – upload your backup file directly to Google Drive
  • Scheduled backup – set the frequency and time to perform automatic backup
  • Background mode – perform backup in low priority mode
  • Mail notifications – get notified when a backup or restore gets finished
  • Emergency support – up to 24 hours

Other Features

  • No extra libraries required
  • Support of very large sites
  • New archive format: faster and smaller than Zip or Tar
  • Lower CPU and RAM usage
  • Precise progress tracking
  • Ability to cancel the backup process if desired

The minimum requirement for  WordPress Backup Guard to work is PHP 5.3, zlib, WordPress 3.8 which are available on most servers.

Our View: The Free version is not recommended due to the lack of features. Pro version prices start form $19.95 compared to other plugins.

You  can install the free version by going to WordPress Dash board , click on add plugins, then search for ” Backup guard” , install then activate. for Backup Guard Pro you can find more info at  https://backup-guard.com/products/backup-wordpress

When You order the pro version you get unlimited backups, unlimited restores ,website migration , backup to drop box and FTP backup.

You may get most of the pro version free by installing another backup plugins such as All WP Backup.