WordPress security frequently asked questions

WordPress is a very popular platform for designing websites. But due it popularity, it is considered a target for hackers.  Fortunately, There many ways to secures WordPress from hackers. but still some questions still arise about WordPress security  In this post I am going to answer some of the most common WordPress security frequently asked questions.

What is Malware?

Malware is a term that is used to describe malicious software which has been developed to attack the website to gain unauthorized access to the website. Malware has been developed to harm the website, use its information for illegal activities and even remove the website content.

What is the best malware removal tool?

There are numerous tools available on the internet which can remove Malware easily from the website. But not all of them work perfectly. Tools like Sucuri, Malcare, and PCRisk are famous among all due to their number of features and user-friendly infrastructure of the tools. Even a person with basic knowledge can use them to remove Malware from the website.

How to secure the WordPress login page?

Here are different methods to secure WordPress login page:

  • Always use a strong username and password
  • Limit the number of login attempts to secure the login page
  • Add 2 Factor authentication plugin for better security
  • Use the Geo-blocking plugin to block hackers to access your website
  • Use the WordPress login security plugin to hide the page.

Is WordPress secure enough for eCommerce?

WordPress is secure enough for eCommerce as long as all the security features have been followed and this starts from selecting the right web hosting to installing the best security plugins. You also consider keeping the backup of your eCommerce store and use the Malware checker on regular basis to ensure that there is not any suspicious codding that has been added with the help of Malware.

How to maximize WordPress security?

Numerous steps are needed to follow to maximize WordPress security. This includes:

  • Select a secure web hosting like A2Hosting and SiteGuarding
  • Install WordPress security plugins eg GetAstra, Fixmysite, Malcare, etc
  • Install and use Backup solutions/plugin like Backupbuddy and Blogvault
  • Move your HTTP website to HTTPS/SSL
  • Enable web application firewall on WP site

How to secure WordPress with SSL?

To secure WordPress with SSL, you need to buy and install an SSL certificate on your site. It does not cost much and mostly comes free with a web hosting package. You need to do many settings manually but if you install the Really Simple SSL plugin; you don’t need to do anything else rather than installing this plugin to secure your website with SSL.

What is 2-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication which is also referred to as two-step verification, 2FA, and dual-factor authentication is a security process that required users to use two different authentication factors to get access to the page. This process has been done to enhance the protection against hacking attacks on the website.

How to check the Word press site for vulnerabilities?

There are different free and paid WordPress plugins and tools/services available to check the WordPress site for vulnerabilities. In general terms, we call them WordPress site scanners. The popular scanners for WP to check site vulnerabilities are Sucuri site checker, PCrisk scanner, Malcare, and Siteguarding, etc. You simply put your website link there to check the vulnerabilities of your WP site.

How to choose a strong password?

A combination of several techniques can help you to choose a strong password:

  • Use the mixture of lower and uppercase in the password
  • Use at least one symbol to make the password strong
  • Use the mixture of numbers and alphabet characters
  • Pick something completely obscure when generating the password.

What is the most secure WordPress hosting?

WordPress is an advance CMS which required a secure Webhosting solution to keep the website running smoothly and have protection against hackers. Web hosting companies like SiteGuarding and A2Hosting are offering special WordPress hosting packagers to ensure all security aspects of WordPress sites have been delivered to their clients.

How to secure HTML websites?

Several methods can be used to protect HTML sites from hackers. Some of the most important methods are:

  • Use a secure web hosting like A2Hosting and Siteguarding
  • Install anti-virus on your computer as the virus can be transferred from the computer to the website
  • Only use secure and popular FTP software for files uploading
  • Make sure to not use any PHP or stuff like databases for your HTML website
  • Set a strong username and password for your Webhosting account and Cpanel
  • Turn off the PHP feature from Cpanel
  • Keep the regular backup with MyRepono, Blogvault, and UpfradtPlus

How to protect PHP sites from hackers?

It is similar to protect an HTML website except you should keep the PHP factor. Some of the important steps you must take:

  • The first step should be about web hosting. Use the secure web hosting
  • Install a security plugin tool e.g. Malcare, Fixmysite, and Getastra
  • Install a good firewall in your computer
  • Set a strong password policy for the PHP website
  • Make sure your PHP is upgraded to the latest version
  • Install SSL certificate and use HTTPS

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