Common WordPress Security Questions

WordPress is a very popular platform for designing websites. But due it popularity, it is considered a good target for hackers that are trying to damage website files or use it to spread malware.  Fortunately, there many ways to Secures WordPress Websites. However. there are still some questions that arise from many users about WordPress security  In this post, I  have  collected some of the most common WordPress security frequently asked questions.

Why Website Security is Important?

Security of your website is one of the most important things which you need to consider when choosing web hosting, or putting your website online. A bit glitch in security can cause you loss of traffic, business reputation, and defiantly money. Hackers can steal user information, such as passwords and credit card number. The also can install malicious software, and distribute malware to your users or other sites. Learn more

How to secure the WordPress login page?

Make use of the following to secure WordPress login page:

  • Always use a strong username and password
  • Limit the number of login attempts to secure the login page
  • Add 2 Factor authentication plugin for better security
  • Rename your WordPress login page.

What is 2-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication which is also referred to as two-step verification, 2FA, and dual-factor authentication is a security process that required users to use two different authentication factors to get access to the page. This process has been done to enhance the protection against hacking attacks on the website.

Examples of 2-factor authentication: A  password with proof of  verification by an email or a SMS code is considered a 2 factor authorization online. in real life, a Credit card and a security code  is a form of 2 step verification.

How to choose a strong password?

  • Use a mixture of lower and uppercase in the password
  • Use at least one symbol to make the password strong
  • Use a mixture of numbers and alphabet characters
  • Pick something completely obscure when generating the password.

Check  how strong your password is by visiting this site

Most Common WordPress Security Questions

Is WordPress Secure Enough for eCommerce?

One of the Most Common WordPress Security Questions is about the security of eCommerce WordPress  Site. The answer is. Yes, WordPress is  secure enough for eCommerce as long as all the security features have been followed and this starts from selecting the right web hosting to installing the best security plugins. You also should a keep daily backup of your eCommerce store and use the Malware checker on regular basis to ensure that there isn’t any suspicious codding that has been added by malware.

How to Maximize WordPress Security?

  • Select a secure web hosting like Interserver 
  • Install and use Backup solutions/plugin like and Blogvault
  • Use a web application firewall  such as Sucuri
  • Use htaccss to hide PHP editor, header information and important files and folders. Learn how

How to check the Word press site for vulnerabilities?

There are different free and paid WordPress plugins and tools/services available online to check the WordPress site for vulnerabilities. In general terms, we call them WordPress site scanners. The the best malware removal tool for WordPress are: Sucuri site checker, PCrisk scanner, Malcare, and Siteguarding,  Read this article for comparison and more information.

How to protect PHP sites from hackers?

It is similar to protect an HTML website except you should keep the PHP factor. Some of the important steps you must take:

  • Use the secure web hosting
  • Install a good firewall in your computer
  • Set a strong password policy for the PHP website
  • Make sure your PHP is upgraded to the latest version
  • Install SSL certificate and use HTTPS
  • Hide PHP editor

How to secure HTML websites?

Several methods can be used to protect HTML sites from hackers. Some of the most important methods are:

  • Use a secure web hosting like A2Hosting and Interserver
  • Install anti-virus on your computer as the virus can be transferred from the computer to the website
  • Only use secure and popular FTP software for files uploading
  • Make sure to not use any PHP or stuff like databases for your HTML website
  • Set a strong username and password for your Webhosting account and Cpanel
  • Turn off the PHP editing feature
  • Keep the regular backup with BlogVault, or UpfradtPlus

What is the most secure WordPress hosting?

WordPress is an advance CMS which requires a secure Web hosting solution to keep the website running smoothly and have protection against hackers. Web hosting companies like InterServer like and A2Hosting are offering special WordPress hosting packagers to ensure all security aspects of WordPress sites have been delivered to their clients.


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