WordPress Backup and Restore Options


WordPress Backup and Restore Options

Having a handy complete backup of your website and databases  at your finger tips is the most security measure  you can take for WordPress. Without making regular backups, You won’t  feel conformable however secure is your website. 


An up to date complete backup of a website is the ultimate security  for your website, because if your website got hacked or some files became corrupted for any reason, all you have to do is restore your website form your last backup and it will be back online within minutes or at most few hours if you have a large website.

Despite the importance of  backup, many webmasters, admins and site owners don’t take it seriously. Some of them rely on their web hosts to backup their sites, while other may do backups once in a while. Many don’t wake up till they found their websites are hacked or some data is lost.

WordPress Backup and Restore Options

The are many options available when it come to WordPress backup. Here is the

1- Cpanel  Manual Backup

To use cPanel to backup WordPress follow these steps:

  • Log into your cPanel control panel.
  • Click on “Backup Wizard” icon.
  • Select “Generate / Download a Full Backup”.
  • Select “Home Directory” in “Backup Destination” and enter your email address
  • Click “Generate Backup” button.

Manual WP backup


You’ll get an email when the backup is ready. The backup will be stored in your cPanel, normally in a directory under wp-content. You need to go to that location  tp download the backup and keep it in safe place. If your website is updated frequently, you need to repeat the backup process once in while.

2- Install WP Backup Plugin

The second method to backing word press is to use a plugin. There Many WP Backup Plugins that you can use to backup your Word press Website or Blog. Each one has different features, advantages and disadvantages.  Some are free and others cost some money.

To install a backup plugin follow these steps:

1- login to WordPress Dashboard

2- Go to Plugins

3- Click add new

4-In the search Box, type” backup, you will be presented with the available plugins

5- Choose the ones with high active installs and good reviews.

6- Install Few of them, evaluate and then decide on the ones to use.

 Here is list of some of the backup Plugins for WordPress:

  • BackWpup
  • Updraft
  • Backup
  • Xcloner
  • Backup Guard
  • blogVault
  • Simple Backup
  • WP ALL BackupB
  • Cyan Backup
  • Darwin Backup

All of the above are free and can perform basic backups for WordPress files and databases. Each one has advantages and disadvantages. you may have to check few of them before deciding on which one to use.

I found that cyan backup and Darwin backup are easy to use and setup. if you want to automate your backup you need to upgrade the plugin or use Backup creator

3– Offsite WP Auto Backup Services

Having an offsite auto backup at an external source is a wise thing to do. Some cost money, but they make you sleep better. Google Drive and DropBox are some exampls. You can schedule your backups, daily , weekly or monthly.

Benefits of automatic website backup

1- Peace of mind
2- Enhanced security
3- Convenience
4- Instant recovery
Here is a list of some of website auto backup services:


Site auto backup provides automated website backup services for only  $ .1 (10 cents) /GB –  You can have full backup, or partial backup such as data bases or home directory only.  Supports  reseller( VHM ) and individual cPanel accounts. very easy to  use and setup.


Visit Siteautobackup

BlogVault  ($89/year –  7 day free trial)

Blog Vault auto backupBlogVault’s WordPress website backup offers the perfect disaster-management solution for your website. It  automatically backs up your site’s data every day in small increments, so your site is never overloaded. It also ensures that all your backups are encrypted and stored safely in a remote location. With BlogVault backup, all your data is easily recoverable — in fact you can restore your website with a single click!… Click here to start your free trial

Backup Creator – $7 or $47 (  one Time Fee)

Backup Creator is a complete backup solution for WordPress. It  has the ability to automatically  backup the database as well as make a complete website backup.

Backups can be emailed to your email address,  Saved to Drop box, amazon S3 and also on backup creator server. Restoring can be done with one click. Backup creator is a plugin that can be used on unlimited websites. Visit Backup Creator 

Regardless of which method you choose to backup your word press website, you should be aware that there are tree important elements  you need to consider when backing up your website, they are:

1- Data bases
2- WordPress files and folders
3- Your emails, forwards and configurations.

Having a complete website backups is the first line of defense to secure WordPress websites. Once your WordPress website is configured for backed up, then you can proceed to securing your WordPress site.



Before thinking about securing your WordPress website, the first and the most important step is to make sure you that have a complete backup of your word press files, databases plugins, and themes, and you must have an easy access to the location of the backup so that in case any disaster happens, you can put your website online in a few minutes.