Malcare Security Plugin

Did you know that most websites  lose 95% of its organic growth when Google Strikes them with a blacklisting message?

When your site  is hacked or contains Malware, Google warns your visitors with a strong message such as “This site may be compromised”. Not only do you lose your page rank, but also and more importantly you lose revenues and reputation.

According to Malcare analysis of over 240,000 sites, the malware went undetected for at least 3-6 months, working notoriously behind the scenes until it was finally flagged by Google or blocked by  your Webhost.

Most security scanners depend on a database of pre-existing malwares and hence are usually unable to detect new malware. Malcare was developed from scratch to overcome this challenge. It uses over 100 signals to identify the most complex malware and hacks out there, without any false-positives.

According to WPMUDEV, hackers try to hack more than 90,000 WordPress websites per minute. Those websites which are weak in term of security got hacked easily where the websites with best WP security plugins like MalCare got no effect. Today, most of the websites are being developed on WordPress. Losing the login details of your website means, you will lose all the important data, contact details, and information like clients and Credit card numbers if you are running an eCommerce website.

If you are a website owner and your website is based on WordPress, then you should think about security and maintenance solutions right now. As, for hackers, the next website could be yours. As a WordPress geek and expert, I bring the review of one of the best WordPress security plugin which is called MalCare.

Malcare Security Plugin

MalCare is not just another security plugin. The company is offering many security and maintenance related services to its clients at the same price. For example, they are offering services like Malware scan of your website on a regular basis, instant Malware clean to keep your website secure, and powerful Malware protection for the future along with secure backup options. These services are ideal for agencies, developers, and any size of the business owners who own a website.

Malcare  Plugin Features

By purchasing Malcare WordPress security plugin, you will able to enjoy the following features. These features can work on a single website to multiple, depends on your subscription options.

  1. WordPress Firewall protection
  2. Malware protection and cleaning
  3. Automatic updates blocking
  4. Protection again brute force attacks
  5. WordPress hardening and installation
  6. Secure backup for your WordPress
  7. Plugins and themes management
  8. Regular reports

Malcare is a hybrid service which means that there is no need to have a lot of resources to run this fast plugin on your WordPress website.

Malcare Security prices

Prices and plans of Malcare are designed to entertain all types of WordPress site owners. Whether you have a single website or more than 20 websites, there are customized plans are available for both of you with unlimited features.

The personal plan costs only $99 per year which is less than $9 per year were for developers the plan starts from $49.99 per month which allows them to use Malcare on 20 different websites of any size. For the small business, the company is offering a valuable plan of $259 per year.

Malcare Security Plugin


  • Fast, simple, and easy to use
  • Data process over 100+ signals
  • Identify very complex hacks quickly
  • Advance algorithm for fetching
  • Firewall, Malware protection


  • No unlimited plans available
  • Personal plan is a bit expensive


MalCare   is a  security  service by BlogVault that offers daily scans starting at $99 per site and a hack repair service starting at $249. It offers complete customized security, website maintenance, and backup option. I suggest the WordPress owners consider this quick and simple plugin to upgrade their WordPress security level because once the website got hacked; there is no return back until you get in touch with professionals like Malcare.

Usually, website owners avoid using security solutions due to difficult integration but Malcare is different. With one click, you can clean all Malware, set security according to your website requirements.

To test this plugin, you can starts from its free version as well and moved to the premium version for further security solutions.

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